NRD-550: Liquid-to-Liquid Heat Exchange Systems

The NRD-550 Series models are non-refrigerated heat exchange systems which utilize a tap or building water source to remove heat from your process. They are particularly useful in situations where the cooling water source temperature is too low, or where the pressure and cleanliness of the water may cause damage to the equipment or compromise performance.

An internal plate-type heat exchanger is used to remove heat efficiently while isolating the cooling and process loops. Large quantities of heat can be removed in a small physical size as compared to refrigerated models. Our modular frames are used to package these systems in order to ensure the smallest possible footprint.

NRD-550 systems are equipped with digital temperature display, a coolant pressure gauge, a liquid level switch, and a flow/pressure adjustment valve. Heat removal capacities are dependent on the cooling water flow rate and on the process water flow rate. A variety of circulating pumps are available to match process requirements. Our engineers are happy to assist in selecting the proper circulating pump and heat exchange system.

Available Options: All stainless steel and polymeric wetted parts, flow meter, pressure relief valve, flow switch, dual level alarm.


* Plate heat exchanger for maximum efficiency
* PID temperature controller
* Electronically-actuated CWS valve
* Coolant level switch w/LED indicator
* Pump motor thermal overload
* Flow adjustment valve


Please contact Tek-Temp at 800-259-4212 for custom capabilities


Specifications for: ModelNRD550/S1NRD550/S2NRD550/S3
Cooling CapacitySee PDFSee PDFSee PDF
Temp. Control Range5 to 38°C
Stability± 0.5°C
Reservoir Volume (gallons)2.58.0
Recirculating Capacity
(see Pump Curves)
As RequiredAs RequiredAs Required
Power Requirements
(Volts, Ø, Hz)
115, 1, 60115, 1, 60115, 1, 60
W x H x D (inches)
19.9 x 32.1 x 24.619.9 x 32.1 x 24.622.3 x 35.1 x 27.6

PUMP OPTIONS:  See pump curves to pick the pump you need.

Pump TypePerformance
Centrifugal PumpsC10-4 GPM @ 16PSI MAX
Centrifugal PumpsC500-20 GPM @ 24PSI MAX
Centrifugal PumpsC750-30 GPM @ 30PSI MAX
Centrifugal PumpsC1500-30 GPM @ 46PSI MAX
Centrifugal PumpsC2000-40 GPM @ 55PSI MAX
Centrifugal PumpsC3000-40 GPM @ 65PSI MAX
Rotary Vane PumpsR11.0 GPM @ 0-80 PSI
Rotary Vane PumpsR21.8 GPM @ 80 PSI
Rotary Vane PumpsR2K2.4 GPM @ 0-60 PSI
Rotary Vane PumpsR3D3.3 GPM @ 0-60 PSI
Rotary Vane PumpsR34.3 GPM @ 0-60 PSI
Rotary Vane PumpsR44.8 GPM @ 0-60 PSI
Turbine PumpsT1/P31C3.2 GPM @ 54 PSI
Turbine PumpsT31F (T2B)4.6 GPM @ 56 PSI
Turbine PumpsT31G5.5 Gpm @ 54 PSI
Turbine PumpsT31H (T2C)6.5 Gpm @ 54 PSI
Turbine PumpsT41G9.3 GPM @ 40 PSI
Turbine PumpsT41L12.8 GPM @ 80 PSI
Turbine PumpsT41M16.5 GPM @ 60 PSI

Add Audible Alarm


Back-Flow Prevention

Coolant Particle Filter

Dual Setpoint Select

Flow Meter (Digital)

Flow Switch:  Contact output whether there is flow or no flow

2-Stage Level Switch

Reservoir Level Gauge

Nitrogen Purge

Overtemperature Switch

Phase Monitor

Pressure Relief Valve:  Provides up to 100% bypass of the pump flow

Coolant Pressure Switch

Process Variable Retransmit

Remote Analog Setpoint

RS-485 Serial Communications with Temperature Control:  Enables control of setpoint and read-back of temperature via PC

System Remote Start/Stop

Remote Temperature Sensor/Limit Control

Signal Output (Basic)

Temperature Alarm:  Provides a configurable isolated contact output to indicate alarm status; mating connections included

Stainless Steel and Polymeric Wetted Parts