Tek-Temp Inc. makes precision temperature control liquid chillers, water chillers and heating / cooling systems. Our equipment manufacturing abilities include: chillers for medical cooling, semiconductor coolers, process fluid, precision liquid cooling, production coolers/chillers and industrial process systems.

Additionally Tek-Temp also manufactures Laser chillers, Fiber chillers, and Optic Refrigerated chillers. Tek-Temp specializes in heat exchangers, precision coolers, precision chillers, TCU, computerized advanced temperature control, heat exchangers, prototypes and oem applications. Tek-Temp handles heating & cooling for medical, industrial, multi loop, independent and control, channel fab, clean room equipment, RS-485, GPIB, Plasma Etch, CVD, PVD. Also air and water cooled evaporator condenser type exchangers and devices.

New generation recirculating chillers are manufactured in Croydon, Pennsylvania. Tek-Temp Instruments was founded in 1985 with the objective of developing quality products in the heat transfer equipment field.

The success of our first models, the MM-1500 & MM-2500, rapidly established the company as a major contender in the competitive market for recirculating chillers.

Since that time, Tek-Temp Instruments has developed and added many new systems to its product line. From the beginning, Tek-Temp Instruments has placed a strong emphasis on complete customer satisfaction with a network of service and sales personnel covering all major markets.